Wanderlust nipping at my heels

I fantasize about being nomadic. I expected I would have achieved a kind of  lifestyle freedom by now that would afford me a balance of simplicity and  abundance, and the free will to travel, work, or play when and where I want, and do something different, of service, and in community.

These people seem to have struck this kind of balance, and I’m paying close attention:

Free Tea Party  ::  I met Guisepi and Edna, the Tea Bus, at Rootstalk last summer, while I was vending my line of aromatherapy, Quintessence Oils.  They had such a good thing going on- a very cozy tea lounge serving up herbal infusions provided by Mountain Rose Herbs {where I source most of my oils, incidentally}. Here is a recent interview and inside peek at Edna :

freeteaparty from Tell Your Story Media on Vimeo.

Hoping they make it through Portland again soon so I can conduct my own interview!